International tax planning
Global solutions
Advisors of Meyer & Levinson have significant experience in cross-border transactions, including legal and tax consultancy as well as their implementation. International tax planning provides you with company structures and contractual solutions, which - from a taxation point of view - ensure optimal conditions both to investments of foreign companies in Hungary and to foreign expansion of domestic companies. International tax planning may be useful for the establishment of other tax planning models as well.

Everyone needs space – Traditional offshore tax planning

Offshore tax planning - although with less acceleration - but is still the flagship of international tax planning. Our office and its affiliated group companies provide you with complex services in the areas of offshore tax planning, from consultancy to implementation. About offshore and onshore tax planning solutions you may read more here.

Traditional international tax planning areas

Our office provides you with complex consultancy in traditional international tax planning areas such as issues related to international VAT planning, interpretation and planning opportunities related to double-taxation treaties, planning withholding tax, questions related to taxation connected to branch office, financing and thin capitalization rules, etc.

Are you not satisfied with your offshore structure? – Offshore-doctor

Our Doctor Offshore branch provides you with consultancy in relation with the smooth termination of existing but outdated and dysfunctional offshore structures as well as with the repatriation of accumulated earnings kept in such structures. Our company prepares the suitable calculations and proceeds even directly in the termination of such structures. Upon request we undertake the due diligence of still operating offshore / onshore structures as we also give advice in relation of the advantages and risks of further operation of such models.