Legal services
Trust and efficiency

Legal services in a familiar environment
With the professional support of D&G Dobos Gerlai and Partner Law Office, our customers’ legal requests are treated in a different approach. Issues can promptly be identified and solved by experienced legal staff working in the same office environment.

Effective legal solutions in all areas of life
We encourage our clients to turn to us with their legal requests both as individuals and business owners or executive officers. Beyond corporate law our partner office is happy to provide effective solutions in virtually all legal areas of private and business law, be it real property, commerce, administrative or litigious procedures.

Competence and trust
When it comes to legal services we understand that trust and competence are both fundamental. We earn our clients’ trust by the continuous improvement and development of our services while our partner office provides a strong and professional background being essential for a comforting result. Members of our staff have acquired such experience at law firms, companies and authorities that enable us to swiftly explore, understand legal related problems and requests of our clients and to quickly react thereto: we speak one common language, business.

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