Accounting Service
Bookkeeping with personalized reports
Our accounting service tailored expressly for small and medium size enterprises (SMEs) integrates many elements of the traditional and modern accounting procedures in a unique way, thus it provides a service package which is not often available for SMEs.

Traditional data processing within short deadlines, swift preparation of traditional reports

Statements prepared for managing directors, tax authorities, other stakeholders:
  • Statements on payable taxes and other contributions to state
  • Continuous monitoring on petty cash’s balance
  • Preparation of Annual Financial Statements

Modern quarterly or monthly controlling reports

Statements prepared for owners, managing directors, other decision-makers and commercial banks:
  • Statements on the financial situation of the company
  • Statements on profit and loss of the company (sales, purchases, related costs, comparative data lines, etc.)

Ensuring personal consultation on business decisions biannually. Essential elements of such consultation are:

  • Statements and conclusions related to the financial results of the company
  • Statements, decisions and conclusions related to tax planning
  • Evaluation of your current tax risk position and identify specific existing and potential risks, related action plan discussions and proposals


Our accounting service is part of the Meyer & Levinson Corporate Services which provides endless flexibility with other professional departments within Meyer & Levinson.
  • Legal assistance is immediately available in case of inspections by tax authorities
  • Tax consultants are available even for the most difficult international tax planning structures
  • Advisors, experts and legal assistance are available immediately at mergers and acquisitions
  • Necessary legal support is immediately available in case of new company incorporation either due to increase of business or minimizing tax risks