Start Up Support

We provide newly incorporated companies with comprehensive assistance in order to start an effective and successful business. Our professional colleagues help you to develop your infrastructure by selecting the best tools that suit your profile including invoicing software, company stamp and business card.

Company administration

We help our clients to obtain the necessary corporate documents for both domestic and foreign companies needed for different business processes. We ensure that these corporate forms fully comply with “Apostille du Hague”, i.e. such documents can be used internationally. We make sure that obtaining notarized documents of any type is easy and fast. Do not hesitate to contact us for further assistance.


We make sure that bank account is an easy and a fast process for you. Due to our wide network with both Hungarian and foreign banks you can open bank accounts with our assistance either in Hungary or outside of the country. In case of application for any type of credit facility we prepare business plans, present your company in the most professional way to the bank and we hold direct relation with the bank upon request.

Claim management

We manage and follow your receivables in order to avoid the struggle with an increasing number and amount of claims. By our sending frequent reminders and other notices to your business partners you can be sure that cash flow pressure can be avoided. Should you already have some bad debts we are ready to assist you with the collection of such at court or by other legal ways.

Solution Support

You can discuss your business decisions with us. Knowing the market we can give you solid and professional advice, which can be used for your business decisions. We complete due diligence processes of our partners and SPVs (special purpose vehicle/special purpose entity/target company), prepare business plans and analysis for complete transaction flow.

Company Management Services

In case you do not have a proper managing director at your company under professional managerial services we provide you with the following: fulfilling traditional managing director tasks, disposal over bank accounts, execution and commenting of agreements, management of simpler operational tasks, preparation of business reports, etc.

Virtual office

We provide our clients with dedicated telephone number, fax, internet – and email address.