Provision of registered seat and related services
Style and competency
When you set up a business in Hungary it is essential to have a registered office address, more importantly for tax residency purposes as well. If you subscribe for our registered seat service, not only you meet this criteria, but your company will be located in the very center of the City and you can also enjoy the comfort of the related professional services.

Exclusive environment

The property serving as the registered office address of your company is located in the most vivid area of Budapest, in the business and commercial heart of the City. The location, the interior and the functions of our office all ensure that you and your business partners feel to be in a professional environment. You may apply for additional services related to the registered seat:
  • virtual office services (reception and forwarding of phone calls and fax messages)
  • ensuring meeting rooms (WIFI access, projector, personal assistance, preparing presentations)

Legal compliance

Our registered seat service meets all legal requirements that are mandatory in Hungary.
  • indicating the name of the company at the main gate of the building
  • ensuring the continuous availability of the company (phone calls, correspondence, etc.)
  • separated filing of corporate documents

Administration of incoming correspondence

Our office receives, records, archives all incoming correspondence, sending you simultaneously relevant notices. On demand we forward you all incoming correspondence via e-mail. Archived incoming correspondence may be accessed via our client database on-line.
  • reception and registered filing of incoming correspondence
  • immediate forwarding of incoming correspondence via e-mail, physical forwarding on the last working day of the week
  • ensuring access to incoming correspondence on-line


Meyer & Levinson as a complex service center, beyond registered seat service, provides you with the availability of skilled colleagues with experience in the fields of law and further administrational tasks before authorities in order to represent your business as required on the spot.
  • consultancy in the fields of taxation, law and accounting related to the daily operation of companies
  • reception and guidance of authority personnel or your business partners
  • ensuring permanent availability at the registered seat of your company to visitors and enquirers
  • confidential handling of corporate documents and information