Accounting, Payroll
Our accounting service offered expressly to small and medium size enterprises integrates many elements of the classical and modern accounting services in a unique way, thus it provides a service package, which is often not available for SMEs.
Registered office services
When you setting up a business in Hungary it is essential to have a registered office address. If you subscribe for our registered seat service, not only you meet this criteria, but your company will be located in the very center of the City...
corporate services
Corporate services are activities that combine or integrate certain enterprise-wide needed support services based on specialized knowledge, best practices, and technology to serve internal and sometimes external customers and business partners.
-Work-out in a legal and judicial way
-Providing Hungarian corporate and other documents
-Providing foreign corporate and other documents...
international tax planning
Advisors of Meyer & Levinson have significant experience in cross-border transactions, including legal and tax consultancy as well as their actual realization. International tax planning provides you with company structures...
Tax planning in Hungary
10% corporate tax rate, no withholding tax neither on dividends, interests and royalty, and various tax benefits for companies with different activities (Royalty management, financial services, real estate, and film companies.) Meet the best onshore strategies in Europe.
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